Financial services

Our customers are listed companies with different needs across a wide spectrum – we know how to adapt to your individual needs

Situation Analysis

Analysis and second opinion on your communication and how the stock market perceives you as a company

Ir monitoring

Visibility package with activities towards the stock market to build awareness, trust and expectations of the company

Ipo & Emission

Marketing campaign, interview and articles published on Cornelia News and in other channels


Loans or capital raising of preferential issues and targeted issues

Media channels

Cornelia News

Media channel where companies can communicate directly to the shareholders via interviews, articles and reports

Digital interviews

C Talk

Overview of the company, team, business opportunity and potential

Deep Talk

Deepen the knowledge of the operational activities and the company's product or service

Live Talk

Comment and clarify communication from the company and update shareholders

Pitch Talk

Startups and unlisted companies pitch their companies, team, business opportunity and potential

Fortune Talk

Interviews with investors, business executives and thought leaders about their mindset, investments and drivers

Voice Talk

The interviews are also published as podcasts on Spotify, Podcasts, Soundcloud, Itunes and


Cornelia Event

Events, training and investor meetings for more seasoned professionals and beginners alike

Premium Partners