Emotional triangle

What is ‘emotional corporate value’?

Emotional companies create value and returns for their owners, take responsibility and build relationships

Market view

Emotional corporate value can be defined as the market's experience with and feeling they have for a company. We can measure the emotional value of the company by taking the temperature of the market's interest, commitment, confidence and expectations

The Company's Actions

How the company or the company's key people behave can damage the market value and the emotional value of the company. The stock price can pick up quickly, however, the emotional value of the company can take a very long time to repair

Emotional model

Soft values ​​such as sustainable, ethical, equality, diversity and the climate issue can be important in our decision-making process

Emotional feelings connected to the stock

After analyzing the company, we get a ‘feeling’ that determines whether we choose to invest or not

Emotional feelings towards the company

When the company's key people are emotionally aware, we get a positive and warm feeling for the company

The company acts emotionally

The company is visible, has a presence, creates activities that build relationship, participation, providing us with an emotional connection

The workings

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